The University of Aberdeen's Oceanlab Business Unit is part of the School of Engineering.  It is located in the northeast village of Newburgh 20km north of the main University campus in Old Aberdeen.

Established in 2001 by Prof. Monty Priede, Oceanlab Business Unit is located within the National Decommissioning Centre on the former site of the Culterty Field Station founded by Prof. V.C. Wynne Edwards FRS in 1958 on the banks of the Ythan estuary overlooking Forvie National Nature Reserve.

There are engineering laboratories and hangar space for the design and construction of underwater technology and a suite of environmental commercial testing facilities.   

The Business Unit specialises in testing services for subsea engineering and offshore decommissioning equipment. Serving both UK and international clients, it provides a comprehensive range of testing equipment and bespoke services to quickly and accurately assess the reliability of products. Its testing equipment is housed in a large, heated hanger space with full HGV access serviced by a 2.5 ton overhead crane.

The Business Unit links customer contracts and test requirements to the expertise and facilities, bringing onshore proving to off shore technology. Industry aware and with a strong customer focus the Unit has undertaken Certificated Testing, Laboratory, and Fieldwork contracts for many of the world's leading manufacturers, energy providers and consultancy companies.