The North Sea Bird Club used to produce Bulletins for its members which gave the latest news on birds/cetaceans reported, ringed/dead birds received, trip reports, and other news items from offshore.

With the advent of our Facebook page, we no longerr produce Members' Bulletins.

We now produce a Sponsor's Bulletin which  is circulated to our Sponsors and can be emailed as an electronic version or posted to you as a paper copy.

You can download the following old Members' Bulletins as Adobe.pdf files:

If you do not have the software to read .pdf files than you can download Adobe Acrobat Reader, free, from the Adobe site.

Annual Report

A summary of the sightings of birds, cetaceans, insects and other animals reported from offshore is produced in our Annual Report. Information on ringed and dead birds received is also given. We are always keen to include sketches and photographs for this publication and encourage offshore observers to send in relevant material whenever possible. The status of each species is also given in recent Annual Reports and this may help new observers gain a quick understanding of the frequency with which certain species have been seen offshore. The Report is compiled from the database which is based on records sent in regularly from offshore observers. In a typical year it will contain some 2,000 bird records. The latest Annual Report available is for 2015. If you wish to receive a copy please contact us.

21st Anniversary Report

In 2001 we produced a report covering the 21 years since the Club was formed. For bird species, a systematic list summarises the records over that period and highlights significant sightings. Similar summaries for insects, cetaceans and marine animals and bats are also included, with contributions from highly qualified individuals in their respective fields. Articles by previous Club Recorders, oil industry workers both on and offshore, look back over the 21 years and the contribution made by the Club in not only gathering valuable information but also providing a leisure activity for those working offshore. The Report is illustrated throughout with colour photographs.

Copies can be obtained by contacting the Recorder, at a cost of £10 including p&p.

Advertising Poster

If you would like to help us promote the Club please download our advertising poster and post it on your notice board.

Observer's Guide - Club Calendar

A Guide for Observers was produced in 2010 and is available for all offshore members. To obtain a hard copy either contact us directly or download a version from here. Why not have some on your installation and encourage others to report sightings to us?


Other Publications

Since the Club's formation in 1979, many papers and articles have been written based on the data gathered by the Club. Copies of any such papers can be obtained from the Recorder, free of charge.