North Sea Bird Club

The North Sea Bird Club was formed in 1979 as the result of the efforts of a few individuals in the oil industry and Aberdeen University, who saw a unique opportunity to obtain long-term data from offshore on birds and other wildlife.

The Club is managed by Officers and a Committee elected annually. The current officers are:

  • President - Stan Howe
  • Secretary - John Wills
  • Chairman - Bill Sterling
  • Recorder - Andrew Thorpe
  • Treasurer - John Wills
  • Data Administrator - Alma Fraser

Our office is based in the University of Aberdeen, Ocean Laboratory and Centre for Ecology in Newburgh, approximately 15 miles north of Aberdeen. Usually, we are contactable by telephone between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.on Wednesdays.

The stated aims of the Club are to:

  • Provide a recreational pursuit for people employed offshore
  • Obtain, collate and analyse observations of all birds seen offshore
  • Produce reports of observations, including an annual report
  • Promote the collection of data on other wildlife offshore

Currently we hold in excess of 120,000 records of birds, cetaceans and insects reported since 1979.

Financial support

The Club is financed through corporate membership by major oil and gas and related service companies who are our sponsors. To find if your company is a current sponsor and the names of NSBC company representatives, go to our sponsors page.

Membership is free to any individual and is designed primarily for those working offshore, regardless of whether their employer is one of our sponsors.

To join the Club

Simply write to us or email/telephone as shown below. We will add your name to our mailing list and you will receive all our publications. We publish regular Bulletins (with details of recent sightings, members articles and Club news) and Annual Reports.