I am a member of staff and an EU citizen. How does this affect me?

We value all of our colleagues and the Principal has personally written to those affected to assure them of our commitment to them as members of the University of Aberdeen family, now and going forward. Barring any unilateral action from the UK Government, the ‘Leave’ vote will have no immediate impact on current terms and conditions of employment, and we are committed to working with you to manage any changes that arise.

We will also be working closely with Universities across the sector to feed into government decision-making which may affect the rights of current and prospective staff.

What does this mean for staff working on EU funded projects?

Any staff holding EU grants should continue with their projects as normal. Existing projects and grants will continue to be honoured unless advised otherwise.

Can staff still apply for funding from the EU?

Colleagues should continue to apply for EU H2020 proposals. The UK’s status as a participating member of the Horizon 2020 Programme has not changed as a result of the referendum.