Life after Brexit

Life after Brexit

Professor George Boyne
Principal and Vice-Chancellor

The UK's departure from the European Union has created an unsettling and uncertain time for our staff, students, prospective students and alumni. We attract thousands of European students to Aberdeen each year, and as an international university that has educated people around the world for centuries, I am committed to ensuring we continue to do so.

A global outlook has always been key to our evolution and I’m particularly proud of the wonderful growth in the number of European students and staff who play a pivotal role in the University’s success.

Whilst it is understandable to be concerned about the impact of Brexit on our research, student recruitment and overall learning experience, please be assured that our Brexit Strategy Group continues to lobby to ensure our voice is heard in discussions that will help protect our many links with the EU. It’s crucial that we can retain the talented staff and students who make our University such a distinguished institution. 

I would also like to reassure our Aberdeen alumni that we are identifying the best ways to maintain and strengthen the links we have with our diverse community of alumni in Europe and around the world. Our graduates continue to make significant global impacts and I’m committed to ensuring your valuable contributions are championed on an international platform.

Since the University was first founded in 1495, our purpose has been to remain ‘open to all and dedicated to the pursuit of truth in the service of others.’ Despite the challenges that lie ahead, I am confident that our degrees will continue to be recognised and valued throughout Europe and the wider world, as we further strengthen the global reputation of the University of Aberdeen.