Is equality good for us?

Is equality good for us?

The notion of equality and its benefit to society will be discussed at a free talk in Aberdeen today.

The University of Aberdeen’s Café Philosophique series will continue on Monday (June 16) with a discussion led by Dr Beth Lord, Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at the institution.

The event takes place at the Blue Lamp and begins at 7pm.

Dr Lord said: “Equality seems to be in the news every day, from Thomas Piketty’s bestselling book about economic inequality to the introduction of gay marriage legislation to arguments for better gender balance on company boards.

“Inequality, and the demand for greater equality, are central to people’s lives. Philosophy can help us to figure out what we mean by equality, and why we think it is so important.”

The Café Philosophique series runs throughout June and encourages participants to tackle philosophical topics together with philosophers and other participants in an informal environment.

The organiser of Café Philosophique, Dr Federico Luzzi from the University’s School of Divinity, History and Philosophy said: “People enjoy the hands-on approach of philosophy—you don’t need any background knowledge to understand philosophical puzzles, and it’s easy to form a view on these hotly debated questions. What’s tricky is backing up your view with good reasons—that’s what philosophy encourages.”

The series concludes on June 27 with a talk by Professor Roy Cook from the University of Minnesota, examining the meaning behind the structure of the film, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. This event will take place at Belmont Filmhouse and will be followed by a screening of the film.

Both events are free but tickets are required for the film screening event on June 27.

The Café Philosophique series is organised by the Philosophy Department at the University of Aberdeen, with support from the Public Engagement with Research Unit.

The full schedule of events is available at:

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