Covid-19 - Student update - no detriment procedures

Student update - 16 April 2020

Dear students

For the attention of levels 3, 4 and 5 students (Undergraduate and Taught Postgraduate)

I do hope that you are well and managing as well as is possible in these difficult circumstances.

I have previously been in touch with you about the work that we have been taking forward on no detriment. I appreciate your patience as you have waited to hear more about this and I am pleased to be able to let you know that the procedures are now finalised, following a period of consultation with students via AUSA and staff.

We recognise that this is an anxious time and that many of you may have difficulties, for a variety of reasons, in completing assessments at this time. We have developed no detriment procedures to encourage and support you to continue with your studies and to progress or complete as planned. However, if this is not possible due to the current circumstances caused by Covid-19, the procedures will provide you with a safety net.

The no detriment procedures provide information on the assessment of levels 3, 4 and 5 for undergraduate and postgraduate taught students, and are supported by a set of Frequently Asked Questions. I would strongly encourage you to read the document. Many of the procedures will already be familiar to you, and you will see that where possible, these have been amended or relaxed to allow for increased flexibility at this difficult time. Changes include:

  • Increased flexibility in the setting of alternative assessments;
  • Appropriate extensions for the submission of outstanding work;
  • No requirement for evidence to be submitted for the award of MC or GC;
  • No capping of resit grades in the context of Covid-19;
  • Automatic consideration of undergraduate students by the SPC where they fail to meet the requirements for progression;
  • Automatic consideration of postgraduate taught students by programme directors where they fail to meet the requirements for progression;
  • Increased borderline zone to enable greater number of students to be considered at examiners’ meetings;
  • For undergraduate students, the calculation of degrees on the basis of the Grade Spectrum and the Grade Point Average system;
  • For postgraduate taught students, the reintroduction of the calculation of degrees on the basis of the Grade Spectrum and the Grade Point Average system.

It is our aim to achieve an appropriate balance between supporting our students while maintaining the fairness and the integrity of a University of Aberdeen award.

Wherever possible, please do continue to work towards submitting your best work at the planned submission date for your assessment.  If this is not possible, then I hope you will be reassured that there is now a ‘safety net’ in the form of the no detriment procedures.

Please do read the procedures and the FAQs and if you have any further questions please contact

With very best wishes for your success,


Ruth Taylor
Vice-Principal (Education)