Covid-19 - Staff Update - exams & assessments

Covid-19 - Staff Update - exams & assessments

Staff Update - 25 March 2020

Dear Colleagues

During the extensive planning and preparation that we have been doing in response to Covid-19, a huge amount of consideration has been given to our approaches to examinations and assessments.

The situation is moving at a rapid pace and we are working hard to respond to the changes and reflecting on views from staff, students and the wider UK Higher Education sector.

Following detailed consultation with Heads of School, Senate Assessors and the academic staff representative on Court, and the Aberdeen University Students’ Association, we can confirm that:

  • most Level 1 and Level 2 students will not be required to complete any further assessment (examination or any other outstanding assessment).  They will be awarded credit without the need to take any further assessment or examination unless, prior to 28 February 2020, they were notified by email from Registry that they had lost their class certificate for a course (i.e. had received a C7).


  • there are a small number of exceptions for Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Body requirements (e.g. Law, Accountancy, Medicine and Dentistry).  Schools will be in touch with those students concerned directly to confirm the alternative assessment plans by midday on Friday 27 March.

By taking this difficult decision - for some of you it may be a disappointing one and for others it may bring some relief - we are able to really focus on the development of assessments for Honours and PGT levels, and the support for assessment at these levels.

Students do not need to submit any outstanding coursework. They may however wish to do so to receive feedback. They will be directed to contact their course coordinator if they would like feedback on a piece of coursework.

We have developed a set of FAQs for students and are also preparing one for staff which will be posted shortly. These FAQs will be updated frequently. If your query is not answered by the FAQ, please contact us by email

For the avoidance of doubt, assessments will take place for all level 3, 4 and 5 - undergraduate and postgraduate taught - courses.  Schools will be in touch with students to advise of the format and timing of this assessment. 

We of course recognise that a great deal of time and effort has gone into preparing our Level 1 and 2 students for assessment, and we want to reassure staff that this effort is highly valued and hugely appreciated. 

These are extraordinary times, and this is a step that has not been taken lightly. Nonetheless we hope that you can understand the reasons for this decision, and we will keep you fully updated on any related developments as and when they happen.

Karl and Ruth

Professor Karl Leydecker  

Professor Ruth Taylor 

Chair Coronavirus Steering Group 

Senior Vice-Principal 

Vice-Principal (Education)