New centre to bring life science academics and industry closer together

A new one-stop-shop to allow Aberdeen life science academic experts and industry to collaborate more easily and effectively has been set up by the University of Aberdeen.

The Kosterlitz Centre for Industrial Engagement will become the first point of contact at the University of Aberdeen for the life science industry.

The University’s range of expertise includes: Arthritis and Regenerative Medicine; Biomedical Imaging; Translational Neuroscience; Molecular Medicine; Cancer; Nutrition; Obesity; Diabetes; Bacterial Health and Disease; Developmental Biology; Immunology; Education and Training. 

The launch of the new centre was held at the University’s Institute of Medical Sciences on October 2.

In addition to a keynote speech from Dr Ken Sutherland, President of Canon Medical Research Europe, the event heard from Laura Ferguson of Astrazeneca; Chris Lowrie of Charles River Laboratories; Dr Caroline Barelle of Elasmogen Ltd and Professor Pieter van West of University of Aberdeen.

There was also be ‘bio-partnering sessions’ – specific one-to-one sessions between academic groups and industry as well as information booths which were open throughout the day showcasing different areas of expertise from the University of Aberdeen and NHS Grampian.

Professor Heather Wallace, Professor of Biochemical Pharmacology and Toxicology at the University of Aberdeen and Director of the Kosterlitz Centre for Industrial Engagement, said: “I am delighted to be heading up this exciting new centre at the University which we believe will build on our existing links with the life science industry and develop new working relationships.

“The expertise in life sciences at the University of Aberdeen is vast, varied and world-renowned. Perhaps a consequence of being so wide-ranging though, is that until now there has not been a clear ‘shop window’ through which we can showcase our breadth of talent, nor a single point of contact for industry to make initial introductions and enquiries.

“The Kosterlitz Centre for Industrial Engagement aims to address that and we look forward to using it as an increasingly important platform to engage with our industry partners.”

The Kosterlitz Centre for Industrial Engagement is named after Professor Hans Kosterlitz, the University of Aberdeen’s first Professor of Pharmacology, who discovered endorphins, the body’s own painkillers.

Professor Kosterlitz’s son, Professor J. Michael Kosterlitz, who was born and attended school in Aberdeen, won the 2016 Nobel Prize in physics along with two colleagues for work on condensed matter physics.

For more information visit the Kosterlitz Centre for Industrial Engagement web pages.