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Packages that use XMLException
standup.clouds This package provides the implementation for the STANDUP user interface. 
standup.joke This package provides joke generation functionality and all its related data structures. 
standup.lexicon This package provides classes and interfaces that handle access and manipulation of the STANDUP lexicon. 
standup.profiling This package provides facilities for an arbitrary profileable application to be configurable through user profiles, a collection of files which can be loaded and saved to a specific folder. 
standup.xml Provides classes and interfaces that handle loading and saving of the various XML-based files in STANDUP. 

Uses of XMLException in standup.clouds

Methods in standup.clouds that throw XMLException
 void ProfileCloudFrontend.quickSave(File file)
 void file)
 void ProfileCloudFrontend.writeXML(Writer out, String indent)
 void OptionsCloudFrontend.writeXML(Writer out, String indent)

Uses of XMLException in standup.joke

Methods in standup.joke that throw XMLException
 void ProfileJokeGeneration.quickSave(File file)
          This saves the ProfileGeneration XML file but *not* the associated files, i.e.
static JokeStructure JokeStructure.readXML(Element e)
static JokeGraphNodeKeyword JokeGraphNodeKeyword.readXML(Element e)
static JokeGraph JokeGraph.readXML(Element e)
 void file)
          This saves the ProfileGeneration XML file and also saves the associated files, i.e.
 void ProfileJokeGeneration.writeXML(Writer out, String indent)
 void OptionsJokeGeneration.writeXML(Writer out, String indent)
 void JokeStructure.writeXML(Writer out, String indent)
 void JokeSet.writeXML(Writer out, String indent)
 void JokeGraphNodeTemplate.writeXML(Writer out, String indent)
 void JokeGraphNodeKeyword.writeXML(Writer out, String indent)
 void JokeGraph.writeXML(Writer out, String indent)

Uses of XMLException in standup.lexicon

Methods in standup.lexicon that throw XMLException
 void ProfileLexicon.quickSave(File file)
static Keyword Keyword.readXML(Element keywordParentElement)
          Looks for a single XML tag representing a Keyword under the given XML Element and returns an appropriate instance.
static List<Keyword> Keyword.readXMLList(Element keywordListElement)
          Looks for all XML tags representing a keyword under the given XML Element and returns an appropriate list of instantiated Keywords.
 void file)
 void WordStruct.writeXML(Writer out, String indent)
          Implementation of XMLizable.writeXML(Writer, String).
 void WordSequence.writeXML(Writer out, String indent)
          Implementation of XMLizable.writeXML(Writer, String).
 void Topic.writeXML(Writer out, String indent)
          Implementation of XMLizable.writeXML(Writer, String).
 void ProfileLexicon.writeXML(Writer out, String indent)
 void OptionsLexicon.writeXML(Writer out, String indent)
 void LexemeSet.writeXML(Writer out, String indent)
          Implementation of XMLizable.writeXML(Writer, String).
 void CustomLexicon.writeXML(Writer out, String indent)
          Implementation of XMLizable.writeXML(Writer, String).

Uses of XMLException in standup.profiling

Methods in standup.profiling that throw XMLException
abstract  void Profile.quickSave(File file)
          Saves this Profile but not any associated files along with it.
 void file)
 void OptionsPackage.writeXML(Writer out, String indent)

Uses of XMLException in standup.xml

Methods in standup.xml that throw XMLException
 void file)
          This method saves the necessary information contained within an instance to an XML file.
static void XMLUtils.writeCollection(Writer out, String indent, String tag, Collection<? extends XMLizable> elements)
 void XMLizable.writeXML(Writer out, String indent)
          This method writes the necessary information contained within an instance to an XML file.