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Packages that use STANDUPFileFilter
standup.xml Provides classes and interfaces that handle loading and saving of the various XML-based files in STANDUP. 

Uses of STANDUPFileFilter in standup.xml

Fields in standup.xml declared as STANDUPFileFilter
static STANDUPFileFilter XMLFileChooser.filterBlacklist
static STANDUPFileFilter XMLFileChooser.filterJokeSet
static STANDUPFileFilter XMLFileChooser.filterLexicon
static STANDUPFileFilter XMLFileChooser.filterlog
static STANDUPFileFilter XMLFileChooser.filterOptions
static STANDUPFileFilter XMLFileChooser.filterTopic
static STANDUPFileFilter XMLFileChooser.filterWordSet
static STANDUPFileFilter XMLFileChooser.filterXML

Methods in standup.xml with parameters of type STANDUPFileFilter
static File XMLFileChooser.chooseFileForLoading(JPanel panel, STANDUPFileFilter ffilter)
          Displays a standard JFileChooser for loading a single file.
static File XMLFileChooser.chooseFileForSaving(JPanel panel, STANDUPFileFilter ffilter)
          Displays a standard JFileChooser for saving a single file.
static File[] XMLFileChooser.chooseFilesForLoading(JPanel panel, STANDUPFileFilter ffilter)
          Displays a standard JFileChooser for loading multiple files.