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Packages that use UnifiableVariable
standup.joke This package provides joke generation functionality and all its related data structures. 
standup.unify This package provides unification facilities used during the STANDUP joke generation process. 

Uses of UnifiableVariable in standup.joke

Methods in standup.joke with parameters of type UnifiableVariable
private  void JokeGraph.addLexNode(Bindings bindings, UnifiableVariable variable, SourceProcess sourceProcessCode, String sourceLabel)
          Given a UnifiableVariable that is bound to a Keyword, it creates a new JokeGraphNodeKeyword and replaces the binding of the variable to the node instead.

Uses of UnifiableVariable in standup.unify

Fields in standup.unify with type parameters of type UnifiableVariable
(package private)  Hashtable<UnifiableVariable,Unifiable> Bindings.bindings

Methods in standup.unify that return UnifiableVariable
 UnifiableVariable UnifiableVariable.duplicate()
 UnifiableVariable UnifiableListVar.get(int idx)

Methods in standup.unify that return types with arguments of type UnifiableVariable
 List<UnifiableVariable> UnifiableListVar.getVariableList()
          Returns the elements contained in this UnifiableList as a List of UnifiableVariables.

Methods in standup.unify with parameters of type UnifiableVariable
private  Unifiable Bindings.dereference(UnifiableVariable W)
(package private)  Unifiable Bindings.get(UnifiableVariable key)
private static boolean Unification.occurCheck(UnifiableVariable v, Unifiable x)
(package private)  void Bindings.put(UnifiableVariable Key, Unifiable Value)
 boolean Bindings.replace(UnifiableVariable variable, Unifiable oldValue, Unifiable newValue)
          Replaces all bindings to oldValue with bindings to newValue.
private static Bindings Unification.unifyVar(UnifiableVariable v, Unifiable x, Bindings b)

Constructor parameters in standup.unify with type arguments of type UnifiableVariable
Bindings(Hashtable<UnifiableVariable,Unifiable> BB)
UnifiableListVar(List<UnifiableVariable> els)