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Packages that use WordString
standup.clouds This package provides the implementation for the STANDUP user interface. 
standup.lexicon This package provides classes and interfaces that handle access and manipulation of the STANDUP lexicon. 
standup.sql Provides classes and interfaces that handle access to the STANDUP lexical database, currently implemented as a relational database using PostgreSQL server. 

Uses of WordString in standup.clouds

Constructors in standup.clouds with parameters of type WordString
STANDUPSpeakable(WordString w)

Uses of WordString in standup.lexicon

Fields in standup.lexicon with type parameters of type WordString
private  List<WordString> WordSequence.seq
          A List of WordStrings.

Methods in standup.lexicon that return types with arguments of type WordString
 List<WordString> WordSequence.getList()
          Return the List of WordStrings in this WordSequence.
private  List<WordString> WordSequence.splitString(String string)
          Splites the given String into separate WordStrings using possible separator characters ' ', '_', and '-'.

Methods in standup.lexicon with parameters of type WordString
 void WordSequence.add(WordString _w)
          Append a WordString to the end of this WordSequence.

Constructor parameters in standup.lexicon with type arguments of type WordString
WordSequence(List<WordString> _seq)
          Constructor which creates a WordSequence containing the given WordStrings.

Uses of WordString in standup.sql

Method parameters in standup.sql with type arguments of type WordString
private static List<String> SQLUtils.doCompoundSpell(List<WordString> ws)
private static List<String> SQLUtils.doCompoundSpell(List<WordString> ws, String prefix)