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Packages that use ProfileLexicon
standup.clouds This package provides the implementation for the STANDUP user interface. 
standup.lexicon This package provides classes and interfaces that handle access and manipulation of the STANDUP lexicon. 

Uses of ProfileLexicon in standup.clouds

Methods in standup.clouds with parameters of type ProfileLexicon
(package private)  void Logger.dumpProfilesToLog(ProfileCloudFrontend cfp, ProfileJokeGeneration ubp, ProfileLexicon lcp)
 void Logger.startLogging(String username, String version, ProfileCloudFrontend cfp, ProfileJokeGeneration ubp, ProfileLexicon lcp)

Uses of ProfileLexicon in standup.lexicon

Fields in standup.lexicon declared as ProfileLexicon
private  ProfileLexicon LexicalComponents.lexicalProfile

Methods in standup.lexicon that return ProfileLexicon
 ProfileLexicon LexicalComponents.getProfile()
          Returns the ProfileLexicon currently being used by this LexicalComponents.
 ProfileLexicon LexicalComponents.loadProfile(File directory)
          Loads the lexical profile from the specified directory and returns it.