Uses of Class

Packages that use FClass
standup.joke This package provides joke generation functionality and all its related data structures. 
standup.lexicon This package provides classes and interfaces that handle access and manipulation of the STANDUP lexicon. 

Uses of FClass in standup.joke

Fields in standup.joke declared as FClass
private  FClass FLevel.answerFClass
          The minimum threshold FScore frequency allowable by this constraint for answer lexemes.
private  FClass FLevel.questionFClass
          The minimum threshold FScore allowable by this constraint for question lexemes.

Methods in standup.joke that return FClass
 FClass FLevel.getAnswerFClass()
 FClass FLevel.getQuestionFClass()

Constructors in standup.joke with parameters of type FClass
FLevel(String l, FClass fq, FClass fa)

Uses of FClass in standup.lexicon

Fields in standup.lexicon declared as FClass
static FClass FClass.fc1
static FClass FClass.fc2
static FClass FClass.fc3
static FClass FClass.fc4
static FClass FClass.fc5

Methods in standup.lexicon that return FClass
static FClass FClass.getFClass(float fScore)
          Returns the predefined FClass (i.e.
static FClass FClass.getFClass(Lexeme lex)
          Returns the predefined FClass (i.e.