Dr Frances Ryan

Dr Frances Ryan

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Dr Frances Ryan
Dr Frances Ryan

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Frances Ryan is a Research Fellow in the School of Natural and Computing Sciences working on the ESPRC-funded RAInS Project. She is a qualitative researcher with the project, investigating issues of trust and accountability surrounding intelligent systems.

Frances' research interests focus on the ways in which people use and share information in online environments, especially as it relates to "lived" or real-world experiences. This includes interests in human information behaviour, social media use, online reputation and identity, and determinations of trust in online environments. Her previous post-doctoral research projects include a Carnegie Trust-funded project titled "Social media by proxy: Strategies for managing the online profiles of adults with dementia" and an ESPRC-funded project titled "TAPESTRY: Trust, Authentication and Privacy over a DeCentralised Social Registry". For further information on this work, please see http://www.francesryanphd.com/the-research/.

Frances holds a PhD in Information Science from Edinburgh Napier University. Her thesis is titled "Reputation management in a digital world: The role of online information in the building, management, and evaluation of personal reputations". Frances also holds a Master of Letters in Media and Culture (with distinction) from the University of Stirling (UK) where her dissertation investigated the sharing of news and information through social networking sites and a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations from Central Washington University (USA), with a minor in Historical Tourism.