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Current Staff:


Prof Vassili Gorbunov Algebraic Geometry/Mathematical Physics
Dr Jean-Baptiste Gramain Representation Theory
Dr Mark Grant Topological Robotics
Dr Ellen Henke Group Theory
Dr Richard Hepworth Algebraic Topology
Dr Zur Izhakian Tropical Geometry
Prof Jarek Kędra Geometry and Topology
Prof Ran Levi Algebraic Topology
Dr Assaf Libman Algebraic Topology
Prof Ben Martin Algebra
Dr Irakli Patchkoria Algebraic Topology
Dr Alexey Sevastyanov Algebra/Mathematical Physics
Dr William Turner Representation Theory

Research Students:


Rachael Boyd Algebraic Topology
Edmund Howse Algebra
Adriana Marciuk Algebra 
Mark Paulin Functional Analysis
Sophie Raynor Algebraic Topology
Lachlan Walker Mathematical Physics

Emeriti and Honorary Members:


Prof Robert Archbold Functional Analysis
Dr Michael Crabb Topology
Prof Meinolf Geck Algebra
Prof Graham Hall Differential Geometry/Relativity
Prof John Hubbuck Algebraic Topology
Dr Lacri Iancu Algebra
Douglas Somerset Functional Analysis  

Former Staff Members:

Years in Aberdeen                         Top

Dr Greg Arone Topology  
Prof Alexey Bondal Algebraic Geometry 2007 - 2010
Prof Ian Craw Functional Analysis  
Prof Meinolf Geck Algebra 2005 - 2012
Dr Lacri Iancu Algebra 2005 - 2012
Prof Radha Kessar Algebra 2005 - 2012
Prof Markus Linckelmann Algebra 2005 - 2012
Dr Colin Maclachlan Geometry 1968 - 2004 (until 2012 - honorary reader)
Prof Colin Maclaurin Analysis 1717 - 1725
Dr Anthony Potter Analysis 1972 - 2011
Prof Geoff Robinson Algebra 2005 - 2012
Prof Michael Weiss Topology