Systems Biology

Systems Biology

This large group led by Prof Celso Grebogi involves understanding chaotic dynamical systems, bridging the gap between abstract concepts, on the one hand, and the scientific disciplines, and engineering, medical and social fields where the applications occur. The research in systems biology integrates mathematical developments with biological experiments.  

There are many strands of research being conducted by this group amongst which are:

  • mathematical modelling of DNA replication
  • dynamics and regulation of protein synthesis in uni-cellular organisms 
  • modelling the responses of pathogenic fungi species to combinations of stresses
  • homeostasis of bacteria 
  • macromolecular dynamics in cellular membranes 
  • the process of translation or synthesis of proteins 
  • the coupling between transcription and translation 
  • how ribosomes, the molecular machines that manufacture proteins, are synthesised, the relationship to the cell cycle 

For more information, please visit the page of the Institute for Complex Systems and Mathematical Biology

Contact: Professor Celso Grebogi