Student Life

Student Life

The physics department has a physics society where physics students from all years can meet, discuss ideas and help each other in their studies. Each year honours years students and staff celebrate the achievements of the final year students in an honours dinner where staff and students enjoy a meal out at a restaurant.  

Also, each year honours students go out to an away weekend at the Youth hostel in Braemar. Although featured as a team building event, it is also a chance for students to socialize, meet the staff in an informal environment and play silly games!

The following are pictures of a typical event

The teams arrive, eat Pizza and discover that their task for the weekend is to build a Trebuchet. But first it's quiz night, always closely fought. 

Physics Students   Physics Students

Physics Students   Physics Students

Building the Trebuchet 

After two long hours of intense discussion and planning the teams begin to build their amazing machines. The designs at this stage are rather large, the cutting down of trees was prohibited and plans had to be scaled back. 



The machines begin to take shape

Saturday afternoon, the machines begin to take shape. It is a malicious and completely slanderous rumour that the teams indulged in any industrial espionage. Competition was at all times friendly and no string was stolen. 



The Completed Machines

Despite the temptations of a long Sunday morning lie-in and a leisurly breakfast of croissants and coffee, the teams are up early - well at 10am anyway, and go into the final construction stage ready for the competition ahead.