What we offer

  • Rigorous and comprehensive programme.
  • Small class sizes, about 25 at third- and fourth-year.
  • We invest a lot of effort to provide you with the necessary foundations of higher mathematics in the first year.
  • We offer a wide range of courses from the very beginning. You can take six maths courses in the first year!
  • In the honours years you will have most of your lectures and tutorials in a dedicated classroom in the Institute of Mathematics.
  • Our doors are always open and we are happy to discuss mathematics any time.
  • The University offers a great variety of optional courses and flexible degree arrangements.



Undergraduate degree structure

There are arts (MA) and science (BSc) degrees in maths. The mathematical content of both types is the same. The difference is in the choice of additional subjects which should be respectively arts or science... read more.


Further Information

If you have further queries about our programme please contact the Head of Department:  Links:




Maths courses (2016/17)      

 This table shows the maths courses available in the academic year 2016/2017. The course code is linked to the course description and the title to the Wikipedia article about the subject.

  First Half Session Second Half Session
  catalogue   Wikipedia catalogue   Wikipedia

Year 1 MA1005     Calculus I MA1508     Calculus II
  MA1006     Algebra MA1511     Set Theory
  MA1008     Geometry MA1510     Combinatorics
    ST1510      Understanding Data (Statistics)

Year 2 MA2009     Analysis I MA2509     Analysis II
  MA2008     Linear Algebra I MA2508     Linear Algebra II
  MA2010     Probability MA2507     Advanced Calculus

Year 3 MX3021     Analysis III MX3021     Analysis IV
  MX3020     Group Theory MX3531     Rings and Fields
  MX3032     Metric Spaces MX35XX     Differential Equations
  MX40XX     Financial Mathematics MX4540     Knots

Year 4 MX4082     Galois Theory MX4545     Number Theory
  MX4083     Measure Theory MX45XX     Advanced Set Theory
  MX40XX     Financial Mathematics MX45XX     Knots
  MX4023     Project MX4553     Mathematical Modelling
  MX4085     Nonlinear Dynamics I

MX4555     Nonlinear Dynamics II