STANDUP Lexical Database API

STANDUP Lexical Database API

(Last software/data update: 31 March 2007; this page last edited: 7 June2007)

This page contains information on the STANDUP lexical database API. It is a JAVA .jar library that provides access to the lexical database functionality of the STANDUP system.


The files related to the API are as follows:



The main package relating to the lexical database is the standup.lexicon package. See the package summary documentation here, and in particular, the package description here for a detailed overview of the various classes and interfaces.


Contents of .jar:

The standup_lexicon_v1.4.1.jar file contains Java bytecode for the following packages (in some cases, subsets of the full packages, i.e. classes that are required for lexicon manipulation):

  • standup.authoring
  • standup.authoring.dbbuild
  • standup.authoring.familiarityscoring
  • standup.authoring.wordsets
  • standup.lexicon
  • standup.profiling
  • standup.sql
  • standup.symbol
  • standup.unify
  • standup.utils
  • standup.xml

Additionally, under standup/resources/, it contains various data files required for lexical access.


Additional files:

Although not formally required, the STANDUP lexical database API is designed to work together with the STANDUP SQL lexical database.

Certain functionality requires supplementary .jar files on the Java classpath, e.g.:

You can download the latest versions from their respective webpages, or you can obtain copies from here.


Example usage:

The file is an example program that demonstrates how to use the lexical database API. To compile and run it, do the following:

javac.exe -cp standup_lexicon_v1.4.1.jar
java -Xms384m -Xmx384m -cp .;standup_lexicon_v1.4.1.jar TestLexicon