STANDUP System Download

STANDUP System Download

What you need before installing STANDUP

  • a PC
  • either Windows XP or Windows Vista or a suitable Linux system;
  • at least 512 MB of memory, although 1 GB is recommended for better performance
  • free disk space of 60 MB (SIMPLE) or 4 GB (FULL)
  • a processor equivalent at least to a 1.5 GHz Intel/AMD
  • an up to date Java Runtime Environment -- you need at least version 5.0 update 4 (sometimes known as "version 1.5"), as earlier versions give problems. On Windows Vista, it must be at least version 6 (a.k.a. "version 1.6"). On Linux, use a recent version of Sun Microsystem's open Java -- the GNU Java interpreter gij is not suitable. The latest Java versions can be downloaded from (or on Linux you may be able to use the package installer to download and install it).

(One way on Windows XP to find out which version of Java (JRE) you have is to open the Control Panel, choose Add/Remove Programs, and see which JRE is offered as available for removal).


STANDUP System - SIMPLE mode

If you want to see what STANDUP does, running it in SIMPLE mode will show you. Compared to FULL mode, it is much smaller, much easier to install, and runs quickly. All you need to do is download one ZIP folder (see below), extract all its contents, and run/open the appropriate file; fuller instructions are provided within the ZIP folder. FULL mode involves downloading some additional large files, following a careful installation procedure, and takes up about a hundred times more space on your disc. The visible behaviour of the two modes is identical. The difference between the two modes is in the internal workings:

  • SIMPLE mode does not build fresh jokes, but offers jokes from an in-built list of about 900 which it has previously generated. It therefore does not need a dictionary.
  • FULL mode has a vast dictionary of words and phrases which it uses to create jokes when required. This means it can in principle produce millions of different riddles.


Version 1.4.2: (February 2009). This download has the same functionality as Version 1.4.1, but:

  • the file and folder structure of the download (and subsequent installation) is simpler;
  • it has been rearranged to run on Windows Vista systems;
  • a Linux download is available;
  • there are more documentation files included -- including the Installation Guide;
  • some extraneous files are no longer present in the download;
  • a bug which prevented display of STANDUP's options control panel has been fixed.

Windows: Download STANDUP SIMPLE Version 1.4.2 (54 MB)

Linux: Download STANDUP SIMPLE Version 1.4.2.B (54 MB)

28 April 2009: The "B" version of the Linux download fixes a bug with getting STANDUP to open in a separate window; the system (in particular, the Java .JAR file) is otherwise unchanged from the original 1.4.2 version.

Two document files which are in the downloads (above) but which you might like to browse here are:

(The Installation Guide is inside the download.)


STANDUP System - FULL mode

Please note:

  • STANDUP FULL mode cannot be installed on its own -- you must have STANDUP SIMPLE mode already installed on your machine before you upgrade to FULL mode.
  • STANDUP FULL mode is available for Windows, but a Linux version has not yet been tested.


To upgrade from STANDUP SIMPLE to STANDUP FULL, you need:

  • The PostgreSQL database software: This is free software, not created by the STANDUP project. A copy is included in the STANDUP FULL Upgrade download (below), or you can get the latest version from the PostgreSQL website.
    [WARNING: STANDUP has not been tested with more recent versions of PostgreSQL, and so it may be better to rely on the version downloadable from here, if this copy installs successfully on your computer.]
  • The STANDUP lexical database: This is supplied as a PostgreSQL "backup" file, to be loaded into the PostgreSQL system. The first two numbers (e.g. "1.4") in the version-number indicate which versions of STANDUP the database supports -- the 1.4 database supports STANDUP versions 1.4.1, 1.4.1.B, 1.4.2, etc.
  • The STANDUP FULL BAT file: Opening this file, once correctly installed, initiates the STANDUP FULL system. (Windows only -- not on Linux.)
  • STANDUP (FULL) Installation Guide: This describes the installation procedure, mostly involving PostgreSQL.

All of these are included in the STANDUP FULL Upgrade downloadable ZIP folder (below).

Windows: Download STANDUP FULL Upgrade, Version 1.4 (228 MB)


At the moment, there is not an FULL upgrade package for the Linux version.

A document file which is in the download folder (above) but which you might like to browse here is:


Speech Output Upgrade

The FreeTTS speech output of the STANDUP system can be given an improved voice (developed at Carnegie Mellon University by Alan Black). However, this takes up considerable disk space (103 MB) and causes the STANDUP system to run very slowly (particularly at start-up), except on very powerful machines. It can be added later if you find STANDUP's default voice is not satisfactory.

There is no question of version compatibility -- the same speech upgrade can be used with any version of STANDUP, and on Windows or on Linux.

The download file contains:

  • The main file cmu_us_awb_arctic.jar.
  • Two BAT files for running STANDUP with the improved speech, either in SIMPLE or in FULL mode on Windows.
    (For Linux, see the parameters.txt documentation in the STANDUP SIMPLE download for how to run STANDUP with the improved speech file.)
  • A short text file with very simple installation instructions.

Download STANDUP Speech Upgrade (104 MB)


Uninstalling STANDUP

Both the Installation Guides (SIMPLE and FULL) include instructions for removing STANDUP software from your system.