Digital Economy Hub

Digital Economy Hub

The University of Aberdeen has a long-standing tradition of cross-disciplinary research across national and international rural arenas. In the past 10 years, research income in the rural domain totalled 12 million (8.5m active). This platform of rural research is matched by an equally vibrant and successful programme of ICT research. Major on-going activities include the International Technology Alliance in Network & Information Sciences (2006-2016), the PolicyGrid eSocial Science Research Node (2006-2012), the Platform Grant - Affecting People with Natural Language (2007-2011) and EC Broadband for All (2004-2009).

Research is based around four interconnecting themes: Accessibility & Mobilities, Healthcare, Enterprise & Culture, and Natural Resource Conservation.

dot.rural applies digital technologies, including intelligent agents, narual language generation, knowledge graph, semantic web and linked data, in the above four themes.


Project Homepage: Digital Economy Hub: Rural Digital Economy

Contact: Pete Edwards