Group Activities

Group Activities

Beside working hard together our group also gets regularly together outside of work. Among others we hold a summer and winter seminar are held over a few days in the Scottish Highlands: each year in either Cromarty or at Mar Lodge in the Cairngorm National Park since 2005.

These are occasions for enjoying good cooking and having fun together and overcoming national and cultural barriers. Members of our group come from all corners of the world (from 4 continents and more than 10 different countries).

summer seminar 2019 in Cromaty

TESLA seminar summer 2019 in Cromarty


We enjoyed again a full lecture programme with additional workshops on mindfulness and statistics in addition to a relaxing pub-quiz and an energizing Scottish Ceilidh. We took advantage from our international team and enjoyed this time Arabian and Chinese Cuisine in addition to a British BBQ.

The TESLA Group with guest-lecturers Jioji (UClan, University of Central Lancashire) and Kim (U o Cambridge): Ahmed, Ali, Ibrahim2, Sa’a, Amnah, Nan, Lisa, Caroline, Xueying, Shaun, Ngeti, Martin, Wladiana, Daniel, Eva, Kim, Silvia, Jioji, Abdullah, Camilla, Joerg. We sorely missed Andrea, Ken, Louise, Laurie, Lizzie, Da, Angstone, Magdalena and Dennis. Nevertheless, this year we have had members with 13 different nationalities (Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Nigeria, Germany, China, France, Thailand, Scotland, Eswatini, Brazil, Netherlands, Fiji, Italy) attending the meeting. A truly multi-cultural experience with more than 4 hour lecturing and 10 hours discussions…


Walking party to the southern Sutor at the                    Oil and gas platforms parked in the Cromarty Firth.

mouth of the Cromarty Firth. 



Everybody enjoys eating in the garden….



The “Conference Centre” in Cromarty                       …and Lisa tames the national animal…

directly at the beach.                                                                  


Cromarty summer 2018 on a sunny beach

Summer 2018 - on a sunny and warm beach in Cromarty

Breakfast at TESLA Seminar Cromarty June 2017 TESLA Seminar Group, Cromarty, June 2017
On our way to visit the lighthouse, Cromarty June 2017 TESLA group in the Old Brewery, venue of TESLA Seminar, Cromarty June 2017
Multicultural table: Chile, Germany, Malaysia, Thailand Breakfast in the sun
TESLA Seminar, Cromarty, June 2015 BBQ, Cromarty, June 2015
Ceilidh at TESLA Cromarty Seminar, June 2015  
May Festival, measuring inorganic arsenic in rice from the public using our field kit 2017 Curling event at Curl Aberdeen , Nov. 2017
BBQ, Saying goodbye to Zuz, June 2016 on the way to St. Anton Winter Plasma Conference in Austria Feb 2017
Viva party for Johannes, November 2018 Good bye party and BBQ for Johannes, May 2018
Viva Party for Toon, December 2017 Angstones Viva party, September 2019


Our winter seminar took place from the 3rd to the 7th of December this yearTELSA group December 2018. The group stayed for this time at Mar Lodge near Braemar and enjoyed beside good weather a lot of good talks from the group members and a very varied international diet.


a nice winter outing in the CairngormsThe view from Mar Lodge at a nice December day




Mar Lodge venue of TESLA in the Cairngorm National Park, Dec. 2017 Only the snow experts out… Mar Lodge Dec. 2017
Christmas dinner at TESLA seminar Mar Lodge, Dec. 2017

On the way to Linn o’Dee while the others make waffles in the Lodge

TESLA Seminar, Mar Lodge, Dec. 2016 TESLA Seminar, Mar Lodge, Dec. 2016
Walking group, Mar Lodge, Dec. 2016 Hiking in the Cairngorm National Park, Mar Estate: Magdalena (UK), Angstone (Malawi), Fred (Germany), Visiting collaborator Dr Pascal Salaun (Liverpool), Dennis (Philippines), Ken (Nigeria), Da (Thailand) and in the front Eva (Germany) and Nan (Thailand)
TESLA Seminar, Ceilidh Hall Mar Lodge, Dec. 2015 In Braemar, Dec. 2015
Hiking in Braemar, Dec. 2015 Linn of Dee, Dec. 2015
Only the snow experts out… Mar Lodge Dec. 2014