Enquiries for applications

Enquiries for applications

If you are interested in environmental chemistry and/or analytical chemistry and your compounds of interest have a heteroatom or a metal(loid), then we would like to work with you if you are interested in world class science.


You can make enquiries about collaborative work or if you want to join the group please check out under the different headings.

Taught Master Course

There are two Taught Master courses with a significant amount of Analytical Chemistry on offer at the University of Aberdeen.

  • MSc Analytical Chemistry

This course focuses on analytical methods and contains significant hands-on experience in the laboratory with a wide range of analytical methods.
For further information please see: Analytical Chemistry, MSc

  • MSc Oil and Gas Chemistry

This course focuses on, beside general subjects relevant to the oil and gas sector, Analytical Chemistry and especially the methods applicable to the sector.
For further information please see: Oil and Gas Chemistry, MSc


PhD Studentships

In general we do not have extra funding for PhD studentship otherwise it would be advertised here. If you gain some funds from other sources (maybe from your home country) then you need to cover in addition to your living costs the tuition fees and extra bench fees for 3 years. The bench fees will cover consumables and access to state-of-the-art analytical equipment.

Application papers can be retrieved by the postgraduate admission.

General enquiries about the application process (writing a proposal for a project plan, etc.) please send an email incl. CV to Prof. Feldmann

Erasmus Students

If you are interested to join our group for an internship or for conducting your MSc project work in our group. Please consider the minimum time we would like to have a guest student in our group would be 4 months, better 6 months.

Please check out our research and get in contact with Prof. Feldmann or Dr Krupp directly.

The costs are minimal (currently between £50-£80) for the application form as visiting student and no funding is available from us. If you are interested get in touch with your local Erasmus coordinator.

Visiting Professors and Fellows

If you have a sabbatical and you want to spend some time in our group, please consider that you need to cover some minimal costs for measurements and use of facilities. We hosted in the past a number of Professors and Researchers at TESLA.

Please make some enquires directly by either Prof. Feldmann or Dr Krupp.