IGC2 New York

IGC2 New York

This is a past event

The International Union for the Conservation of Nature and the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, UK will attend the UN Intergovernmental Conference on Marine Genetic Resources of Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction in New York in 2019.

We are holding a lunchtime side event on March 28 “Mare Geneticum and an EcoSystem Approach: Power, Openness and Sharing” in Conference room 12 at 1.15-230pm  

The event will explore solutions to enable scientific research, innovation and commercialisation of marine genetic resources in areas beyond national jurisdiction. 

It has two threads:

(i) the obstacles and opportunities  raised by intellectual property rights and laws on data control  and the extent to which these issues should  be included in the negotiations; and

(ii) delivering open access to marine data with a focus on marine information and governance through a participative ecosystem approach.

The event will build on previous side events and discussions in IGC1 regarding Mare Geneticum and the OPEN process developed by the PharmaSea project. We will have some short presentations and then we look forward to discussion.  

We will circulate details of speakers and some documents and podcasts prior to the IGC. We hope that this can lead to a useful dialogue and can inform contributions at the benefit sharing sessions on 25-7 March.  Our side event will build on the momentum of these, and also inform later IGC2 sessions on management tools, environmental impact assessments, technology transfer and cross cutting issues.

If you would like any colleagues to be involved, please do pass on the details.

Questions and more information contact:


Professor Marcel Jaspars, Marine Biodiscovery Centre, University of Aberdeen

Professor Abbe Brown, School of Law, University of Aberdeen

Conference Room 12