• Angstone Thembachako Mlangeni (arsenic in rice and how growing conditions influence its uptake)
  • Johannes Kopp (lipophilic arsenic compounds in whales and Streptomyces)
  • Helle R. Hansen (arsenic metabolism in sheep, thio-arsenicals)
  • Katharina Bluemlein (peptide synthesis and arseno-phytochelatin complexes)
  • Chris Newcombe (arsenic metabolism in humans, lipophilic arsenicals)
  • Paramee Pengprecha (arsenic metabolism of sediment bacteria)
  • Karsten Haas (volatile arsenic, tin and antimony compounds)
  • Chris Johnson (arsenic immobilisation in minerals and cement)
  • B. Alan Wood (peptide synthesis and arseno-phytochelatin complexes)
  • Kenneth O Amayo (arsenolipids in fish)
  • Asta Petursdottir (inorganic arsenic in seafood, arsenolipids in algae)
  • Johannes Kopp (arseno-lipids in Streptomyces and whales)
  • Edi Bralatei (field-kit for arsenic determination in rice and seaweed)
  • Adrien Mestrot (volatile arsenic in paddies and uploand soil)
  • M. Kalle Uroic (volatile arsenic, arsenic in xylem sap of plants)
  • Sairoong Ouypornkochagorn (arsenic species diffusion through skin)
  • Longpeng Cui (toxicity tests for arsenic in sediments)
  • Paul Williams (arsenic speciation and accumulation in rice)
  • Raj Regmi (selective hydride generation for thioarsenicals)
  • Godwin Igwe (arsenic speciation in gas condensates)
  • Liuying Zhuang (arsenic speciation in wool)
  • Daniel Ruhland (mercury speciation in gas condensate)
  • C. Cornelius Brombach (method development for methylmercury in rice, seaweed, water)
  • Gajdosechova Zuzana (mercury speciation in whales and crude oils)
  • Md. Farouk Ezzeldin, (mercury species in natural gas)
  • Abdelkarem Elgazali, (mercury in hair and nails in exposure people)
  • Fatai A. Aborode (selenium speciation in plants)
  • Md. Musa Lawan, (seleno-amino acids in fish and whales)
  • Daniel Kremer (volatile Se compounds)
  • Nunnapus Laitip (Toon) ((seleno-amino acids and Se-proteins in fish and whales)

Nor Laili Azua Jamari (developing quantitative fluorine determination by ICP-MS/MS)

  • Thomas Birch (elemental fingerprint in Viking weapons)
  • Martina Bertini (origin of Roman Glass found in Scotland)
  • Anke Kuettner (tracing environmental processes from peat bogs)
Metalloproteins and imaging
  • Christian Deitrich (chemical production of stable isotope enriched enzymes)
  • Dagmar S. Urgast (zinc metabolism using stable isotopes, bio-imaging using laser ablation)
  • Kenneth Nwoko (Ken) (nanoparticles in oil and gas)
  • Silvia Wehmeier (volatile antimony compounds)
  • Elizabeth Duncan (remediation of arsenic using TiO2)
  • ZW Qin (fluorine metabolites of Streptomyces)
  • Ying Lu (iodine in seaweed and seaweed eating sheep)
  • Sanjay Mitra (volatile organtins from landfill sites)
Postdocs and Visiting Fellows
  • Sabine Freitag (iron uptake in plants, boron speciation in silicates)
  • David Bellis (elemental bioimaging in fruits, vegetables and cereals from the UK)
  • Steven Wright (iron speciation in marine organisms)
  • Yayoi Kobayashi (mercury speciation in whales)
  • Leticia Malta Costa (selenium speciation in plants)
  • Sanjay Devalla (arsenolipids in tissues from seaweed eating sheep)
  • Chandra N. Sekaran (bioimaging of elements in tissues using LA-ICP-MS)
  • Andrew Kindness (bioimaging of elements in tissues using LA-ICP-MS)
  • Katrina Newlands (phosphorous speciation analysis in scale inhibitors)
  • Soeren Meyer (arsenolipids speciation in animal tissues)
  • Ederson R. Pereira (arsenolipids in fish oils)
  • Bruno L. Batista (arseno-phytochelatins in rice)
  • Daiane Torres (mercury and selenium interactions in crabs)
  • Magali Perez (selenium and tellurium imaging and speciation,TeaSe-project)
  • Dr. Xueying Wang (selenium and tellurium in rocks, teaSe-project)