Music Research Series - Aki Pasoulas

This is a past event

Sonic Palimpsest

A Sonic Palimpsest: Revisiting Chatham Historic Dockyards’ is an AHRC-funded research project that investigates the role of sound in heritage contexts, and the way sound influences our ongoing experience of objects and places. It explores how people may connect with historical sites, looking at location identity through sound. The project investigates how sound can be utilised within heritage contexts to immerse and engage members of the public, providing alternative interpretations of space and place through aural means and revealing new forms of engagement with significant sites. This is approached through the development of site-sensitive works and includes a digitisation of tape recordings of historical significance and original interviews of former workers of Chatham dockyard, which have been used in the creative outputs.

Aki Pasoulas is an electroacoustic composer, Reader and the Director of Music & Audio Arts Sound Theatre (MAAST) at the University of Kent. He is the Principal Investigator of the research project ‘Sonic Palimpsest’ exploring our experience of heritage sites through sound, and Co-Investigator of ‘Liminal Spaces’ revealing hidden voices in desolate places. His research interests include acousmatic music, timescale perception, spatial sound, psychoacoustics, sound perception and soundscape ecology. His scholarly and music works are published by KPM/EMI, ICMA, Sonos Localia, Stolen Mirror, Gruenrekorder, HELMCA, Pinpoint Scotland, Cambridge and Oxford University Press, and his compositions are performed worldwide.

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