Three reasons to come to Aberdeen…

1.     You will get free vocal/instrumental tuition for all Performance courses taken throughout your studies

2.     You will study a flexible curriculum with a wide variety of courses and not only do you design your route through the programme, but you design your own projects in conjunction with music staff.

3.     You will join a huge community of performers, composers, conductors and musicologists, both staff and students, and you will play a big part in cultural activity in NE Scotland.

Students are registered for one of three BMus programmes:

  • BMus – Single Honours (UCAS code W300) is a qualification in Music which can involve a degree of specialisation in composition, performance or musicology, especially in the final year.
  • BMus – Music Education (UCAS code XW13) combines the study of music with a qualification to teach in Scottish secondary schools.

  • BMus – Community Music (UCAS code W390) equips students for working in non-formal educational environments.

Considerable flexibility is built into the design of the BMus. For the first two years, there is a common curriculum across all three programmes: this allows students to transfer between music programmes, in case they change their mind about their chosen programme of study.

From September 2015, students entering level 1 of the BMus programme will embark upon a newly designed BMus programme. In designing this programme, we wanted to retain the best aspects of the original programme, such as the development of the student as a musician in the early part of the degree and free one-to-one instrumental/vocal tuition throughout the programme, whilst offering students even more flexibility, and, most importantly, the opportunity to have greater control in the design of their own curriculum, whether this be in the project based courses levels 3 and 4 or across the student’s entire learning journey, by offering more optional courses in levels 3 and 4.

The BMus Single Honours programme retains its overall 2+2 design continues to allow students to develop skills in the three main areas of musicology, performance and composition.

The BMus Community Music programme retains its clear 2+2 identity and at levels 3 and 4 draws on many of the courses available to Single Honours students.

The BMus Education now becomes a 3+1 programme with the first 3 years following the same curriculum as the Single Honours programme and the final year consists entirely of Music Education courses where students apply the musical skills they acquired in levels 1 and 2.

Students study a minimum of 120 credits at each level. At level 1, student study 8 x 15 credit courses, with all students get free tuition on voice or instrument (see here for tuition offered) and those registered on the BMus Education programme must study piano. Two diagnostic tests are taken by new students, prior to coming to Aberdeen, one in Music Theory and one in Digital Musicianship. Skills in each area are measured and then students are assigned to one of two courses, depending on their level of ability and experience in each area, which allows for students to develop fundamental skills which they may not have required prior to entry. Students also study key moments in the development of Western Music along with 2 x 15 credit courses drawn from outside Music.

At level 2, students take core courses in Musicology and Music Analysis and then choose 4 x 15 credit courses from a list including the areas of Performance, Composition, Conducting and Ethnomusicology, along with 2 x 15 credit courses drawn from outside Music.

For BMus Education and Single Honours, Level 3 provides more choice with 4 x 15 credit optional courses chosen from a wide ranging list, 2 x 15 credit courses from outside Music and a 30 credit project which is the result of a negotiation between the student and an assigned member of staff. BMus Music and Communities students take 2 x 15 optional courses, 4 x Community Music courses and the 30 credit project.

At level 4, BMus Education have 2 periods of School Experience and 2 x 30 credit courses on Learning and Teaching in Schools. BMus Single Honours students take 90 credits of optional courses from a further list as well as a second 30 credit project. BMus Music and Communities take 90 credits of Community Music courses and the 30 credit project.