Date Name Topic
19/01/2015 Phillip Cooke ‘Reflections on Noah’s Fire
26/01/2015 Paul Mealor ‘An Introduction to the Piano Trio, Borderlands
02/02/2015 Pete Stollery 'A Guide to Listening to EA Music'
09/02/2015 John Hudson 'Some New Works'
16/02/2015 Suk-Jun Kim 'Tools of the Trade for a Sound Artist'
23/02/2015 Tom LaVoy 'Some New Works'
02/03/2015 Ben McMillan 'An Introduction to My Work'
09/03/2015 Phillip Cooke 'The Pitfalls of Contemporary Notation'
16/03/0215 Ben McMillan,
Theo Krosi-Doute,
Simon Hellewell &
Sarah Rimkus
‘An Introduction to the New Psalm Settings’
23/03/2015 Ed Jones ‘An Introduction to the Arctic Elegy
30/03/2015 Sarah Rimkus ‘David Lang’s Little match girl passion