As part of the MLitt Museum Studies degree students have the option to curate the summer exhibition in King’s Museum.

Students have found this module enjoyable and useful as they get some great hands-on experience of working in a museum. Many people and various roles are involved in the creation of an exhibition and this is emulated in this module; students are given the choice of different team roles, including object selection, marketing, design, logistics, editing and installation. After being appointed to their roles, the student team work with the museum staff to create a coherent, interesting and thought-provoking exhibition.

Temporary exhibitions created by students include 'Sounded Bodies', 'A single Step',  ‘Victorian Time’ and ‘Bright Ideas.’

Victorian Time: Spirit of the Age

 ‘Victorian Time: Spirit of the Age’ was held in 2014. Provided with the theme of 'time' the students chose to focus their exhibition on the reign of Queen Victoria (1837-1901) while discussing the changing ideas of time during this period.

The exhibition explored themes including the science of time , rites of passagce, 'looking back' and 'nature in time.'

The class also created the marketing material that accompanied the exhibition, designed the displays and overall scheme for the exhibition.

The exhibition was open in King’s Museum from June 10 – December 12 2014.

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Bright Ideas: The Art and Science of Light

The class of 2014-2015 were given the theme of ‘Light’, linking with the International Year of Light in 2015. After much discussion they decided to discuss this theme around the idea of human interaction with light, through science and art.

The process did not just involve selecting and researching the objects that went on display. Students also had to interpret the objects and the themes that they were portraying within the exhibition in an attempt to supply the visitor with a coherent interpretation of human interaction with light and encourage visitors to re-consider their ideas about light.

Students were also required to design the panels, backdrop and marketing material for the exhibition, including the poster and some social media presence. 

The exhibition is on display in King’s Museum from June 7 – November 28 2015. More Information

The Land Endures: Bringing Sunset Song to Life

This student curated exhibition explored the local heritage of North East Scotland through the interpretationof themes highlighted in Lew Grassic Gibbon's Sunset Song.
The Land Endures: Bringing Sunset Song to Life followed the stories of the main characted of Grassic Gibbon' siconic novel and explored realities of early 20th century North East Scotland.

Objects from the University of Aberdeen Museums collections were used to link the fictional Kinraddie with historic North East Scotland and music compositions by local artist Paul Anderson enhanced the atmosphere, bring sunset Song to life.

The Scottish Warrior

In the year of History, Heritage and Archaeology this student-curated exhibition in King's Museum invited visitors to challenge their perceptions of the 'Scottish Warrior'.

The exhibition explored interpretations of the 'Scottish Warrior' and sought to discover how the popular idea of the warrior was created.

Spanning from prehistory to the Worls Wars the exhibition largely drew upon the University of Aberdeen Museums' collections alongside loads from the Gordon Highlanders Museum.