Activity Page: The Great Historic Bake Off

Activity Page: The Great Historic Bake Off

On your marks. Get set. BAKE!

The UoA Collections has cookery books dating back to the 17th Century. We've picked out 4 recipes for our Historic Bake Off.

We challenge you to have a go at making:

  1. A Quaking Pud
  2. A Wartime Aberdeen Buttery (or Rowie) made with margarine
  3. A Showstopping cake topped with a fountain
  4. Albert Pud

We’d love to see your photos of the finished bakes – better yet a short video of you having a go.



Cooking the BooksWe hope you enjoy trying our historic bakes. Here's more about some of the cookery books in the UoA Collections that featured in the exhibition 'Cooking the Books' in 2017. They date mostly from the 1800s, a period during which a passion for food was fed by the dramatic increase in book publishing. The names of the cooks may not be familiar, but their books sold like hot cakes.

On the menu are starters of acorn bread and viper broth; main courses of ragooed larks and venison pasty; and desserts that quake. There are showstoppers by Joseph Bell, Royal Confectioner, and the truth behind the blackbirds baked into a pie. Some curious items include the designs for a pressure cooker from 1681; the first printed recipe for the potato crisp; and a miniature cookbook containing over 800 pages of pies, jellies and puddings. There are cautionary tales too with the sad demise of a lady who ate poisonous pickles and Launcelot Sturgeon, Esquire, considers the consequences of an irresistible sauce.

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