Lots of items in the collections relate to gardens and wildlife, so let's explore the great outdoors! 

If you don't have your own garden but live in Aberdeen, remember that the University's Cruickshank Botanic Garden is OPEN! We've included some Cruickshank Botanic Garden activity sheets that you can use as part of your visit too. 

How does your garden grow? Educational Models of Plants

Backyard Bestiary

The Aberdeen Bestiary in the University's Special Collections is a rare and beautiful manuscript illustrating different types of animals and birds. Some are exotic, like elephants, lions and ostrich. Others are mythical like the phoenix. But some of the bestiary critter you might find in your own garden or a local park. Here are some examples of local wildlife in a Medieval Style.

Why not create your own Garden Bestiary of mammals, birds and insects? You could make your own illustrations or create a Bestiary of wildlife photographs on your phone!

Grow it, Pick it, Press it: Make your own Mini Herbarium!

Q:What is a Herbarium?

A: It's a collection of dried plant specimens mounted on sheets of paper.

Why not have a go at growing some herbs or flowers in your garden (or on a windowsill). Then create your very own herbarium by drying and pressing the plants!


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