How to Write Flash Fiction, with Alex McCall

This year we are delighted to have received funding from the Scottish Book Trust to commission writer Alex McCall to create a brand new piece of Flash Fiction to celebrate Book Week Scotland at the University of Aberdeen. As part of the project Alex has also worked with us to create an animated version of himself for a five part series of micro tutorials on "How to Write Flash Fiction". You can read more about how this project came about in the blog Animating Alex.

Ever thought you might like to have a go at writing? Is a novel too long? A poem too tricky? How about something short and sweet in 100 words. Alex is here to give you some tips!




This project has been made possible by funding from the Scottish Book Trust and by the good will and incredible talent and innovative work of Alex McCall and Zee Allison.

We hope you will enjoy our micro animations.

We hope you will have a go at writing and maybe even take part in our Flash Fiction competition!


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