University of Aberdeen

The Aberdeen Team consists of the following:

Professor Bob Elliott, Health Economics Research Unit (HERU), University of Aberdeen

tel: +44 (0) 1224 437189, email:

Bob recently stepped down as Director of HERU and now focuses on the MUNROS project and is Professor of Economics at the University of Aberdeen. He has directed large collaborative research projects into health care workforce and resource allocation in health care. His research interests include health service workforce, health service skill mix, health service funding and resource allocation. He has written and presented research into health service labour markets, skill mix and manpower planning. He has published in the leading health economics and global economics journals, and is author of a textbook of labour economics.

Professor Christine Bond, Centre of Academic Primary Care, University of Aberdeen

tel: +44 (0) 1224 437200, email:

Christine is Head of Centre of Academic Primary Care in the IAHS, Professor of Primary Care: Pharmacy at the University of Aberdeen and immediate past Consultant in Pharmaceutical Public Health, NHS Grampian (part-time secondment). She has both academic and NHS experience in service redesign involving new professional roles for nurses, pharmacists and physician assistants. She has led several large multicentre UK studies. She has worked closely with HERU colleagues on the vast majority of these projects. She has contributed to two WHO projects.

Professor Steven Heys, Division of Applied Medicine, University of Aberdeen

tel: +44 (0) 1224 437968, email:

Steve is Head, Division of Applied Medicine and Co-Director of the Institute of Medical Sciences and Professor of Surgical Oncology, at the University of Aberdeen, and NHS Research and Development Programme leader for the Cancer programme. He is a consultant surgeon with NHS Grampian, with a special interest breast cancer. He has written extensively on many aspects of breast cancer, including basic science and clinical care, and has sat on and chaired UK committees for the organisation and delivery of care and national guideline development for the treatment of breast cancer.

Professor Ioannis Theodossiou, University of Aberdeen Business School (UABS)

tel: +44 (0)1224 272183, email:

Ioannis is Professor of Economics, Department of Economics, in the Business School at the University of Aberdeen. He is the Co-ordinator of two major European Commission funded projects: (a) ‘Socio-economic and Occupational Effects of the Health Inequality of the Older Workforce’ (SOCIOLD, QLK6-CT-2002-02292, and ‘Societal and Economic Effects on Quality of Life and Well-being: Preference Identification and Priority Setting in Response to Changes in Labour Market Status’ (EPICURUS, HPSE-CT-2002-00143, He also coordinates a third 7th Framework European Commission project ‘An Inquiry into the Health and Safety at Work; a European Union Perspective’.

Mr Simon Shemilt, NHS Grampian, Aberdeen

tel: +44 (0)1224 556422, email:

Simon has a lead role in local NHS medical workforce planning and re-design, with a regional and national focus. He has supported the implementation of the European Working Time Regulations across NHS Grampian, developed international relationships across the globe and worked with consultant colleagues on the development of a physician assistant workforce locally. Previously, he was an audiological scientist for approximately ten years after obtaining a physics degree from Oxford University back in 1995.

Dr Hanne Bruhn, Centre of Academic Primary Care/Health Economics Research Unit, University of Aberdeen.

tel: +44 (0)1224 437230/437187, email:

Hanne joined the University of Aberdeen (Centre of Academic Primary Care) in February 2009 as a Research Fellow working on a MRC funded platform study looking at pharmacist prescribing for chronic pain. For two years Hanne was then based in CHaRT in the Health Services Research Unit as a Trial Manager on two surgical trials (eTHoS and UKUFF). In September 2014 Hanne returned to CAPC to take up a joint post between the Centre of Academic Primary Care and the Health Economics Research Unit at the University of Aberdeen as a Research Fellow on the European Commission MUNROS project. She graduated from the University of Aberdeen with a MA in Psychology in 2001 and gained a PhD in Psychology from the University of Aberdeen in 2008.

Dr Debbie McLaggan, MUNROS Project Administrator, Health Economics Research Unit (HERU), University of Aberdeen.

tel: +44 (0) 1224 437194, email:

Debbie gained a PhD in microbiology at the University of East Anglia and completed two post doctoral positions at Stanford and Chicago Universities. She was project manager (50% FT) of an EC Marie Curie Initial Training Network programme 'SAPRO' that came to completion Dec 2013. Debbie took up the role of Project Administrator (50% FT) for the EC MUNROS project from Alison Horne, Administrative Assistant for HERU, in June 2013. Debbie is responsible for managing, co-ordinating and delivering the administrative and financial functions required to deliver the MUNROS European Commission Project within the agreed timetable.

Previous team members:

Dr Daryll Archibald, Centre of Academic Primary Care/Health Economics Research Unit, University of Aberdeen. April 2013 - July 2014

Daryll joined the University of Aberdeen (Health services Research Unit) in January 2012 as a Research Assistant working on an NIHR-funded Health Technology Assessment that investigated the evidence base for the management of obesity in adult men. In March 2013 Daryll took up a joint post between the Centre of Academic Primary Care and the Health Economics Research Unit at the University of Aberdeen as a Research Fellow on the European Commission MUNROS project. He holds a BA (hons) in Psychology & Sociology, an MRes in Social Research, and a PhD in Health Geography from the School of Geography & Geosciences, University of St-Andrews.

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Members of the Scotland Expert Advisory Group consist of the following:

Derek Phillips, Regional Workforce lead for the East region (comprising Lothian, Fife and the Borders).


The regional workforce lead forges regional approaches to planning and deploying the workforce, using joint working between Boards to bring regional solutions to workforce and service challenges that cannot be met by individual Boards working alone. In doing so they build up a bank of workforce information at regional level to support and inform their work.

NHS Board workforce leads head workforce planning and development at NHS Board level, working closely with the regional workforce teams. They build workforce planning expertise in each Board and develop the workforce information systems required to carry out effective workforce planning whilst maintaining a rolling evidence-base to inform and support their work.


Sue Kinsey


Sue Kinsey is immediate past chair of the RCGP Patient Participation Panel and has extensive experience of providing lay representation on both NHS committees and to research projects.


Dr Patricia O’Connor, Consultant Emergency Medicine, CO Director PARISS Rotation, NHS Lanarkshire

Presented on Development of PAs in the UK: Review of the First Surgical PA Rotation in UK at AAPA Toronto 2012COTLAND

Email: Patricia.O', PA email:


Jacqui Lunday Johnstone, Chief Health Professions Officer, Directorate for the Chief Nursing Officer, Patients, Public and Health Profession, Scottish Government

Tel: 0131 244 2311


Jacqui was appointed as the Chief Health Professions Officer in April 2006 and before that was the first Allied Health Professions Officer in the Scottish Government Health Department from September 2002. She has a professional leadership and policy lead role for the 10 AHP Groups and the 51 Healthcare Science Professions. She provides advice to Ministers and the Government on professional matters affecting all 61 disciplines including education, training, regulation and role/service development as well as leading on policy for adult rehabilitation and falls prevention. She is also the professional lead for the Scottish Government ‘Person Centred Health and Care Programme’. In 2007 she was appointed as Technical Advisor to the World Health Organisation and has led an international programme of work in virtual networks for health professionals to support inter-professional learning and collaboration and is convenor of ICHPO, a network of international government officials leading on health profession development. In July 2010 Jacqui was awarded an Honorary Degree of Doctor of the University from Queen Margaret University in recognition of her significant contribution to education and public service.


Previous member to September 2014

Dr Roelf Dijkhuizen, Medical Director, NHS Grampian (Retired)

Roelf Dijkhuizen studied Tropical Nutrition at the Agricultural University in Wageningen, The Netherlands and worked for short spells in Africa before he took up Medicine.

Immediately after graduation he came to the United Kingdom in 1988 and worked in the London area for a period of 4 years. After obtaining his MRCP he came to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary to pursue a career in infectious diseases but before completing his training he was invited to set up an Acute Stroke Service for Grampian. During this work he became interested in the patient pathways across Primary and Secondary care and Medical Management. Grampian University Hospitals NHS Trust appointed him as Associate Medical Director in 1999, Acting Medical Director in 2001 and Medical Director in 2003. In April 2004 he was appointed as Medical Director for NHS Grampian.

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