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The Norway Team consists of the following:

Jan Erik Askildsen, Lead Scientist/Director, Stein Rokkan Centre for Social Studies, Uni Research

tel: +47 55 58 92 18, email: Jan.Askildsen@uni.no

Jan Erik Askildsen is Director of the Stein Rokkan Centre for Social Studies, Uni Research, (Uni Rokkan Centre) and Professor of Economics at the Department of Economics, University of Bergen. He has been the research manager of HEB from its start until 2007, when he became the director of Uni Rokkan Centre. He has directed several research projects into the finance and organization of health care, and the labour market of health care personnel. His research interests include the economics of health care labor markets, health care funding, and prioritization and waiting list policies within the health care sector. He has published in leading health economics and economics journals, and participated actively in health economics networks, with presentations of scientific work at workshops and conferences.

Muhammad Kamrul Islam, Stein Rokkan Centre for Social Studies, Uni Research

tel: +47 55 58 38 93, email: Kamrul.Islam@uni.no

Muhammad Kamrul Islam is a senior researcher at Uni Rokkan Centre. His research interests primarily include empirical health economics. Islam has been involved in several research projects focusing on cooperation between social/primary care and secondary/ hospital care, sickness absence, social capital and health. He has a considerable experience in applied econometrics, and particularly in multi-level modelling. He will take responsibility mainly on multi-level analyses in the project.

Benedicte Carlsen, Stein Rokkan Centre for Social Studies, Uni Research

Tel: +47 55 58 83 78, email: Benedicte.Carlsen@uni.no

Benedicte Carlsen is a senior researcher at the Uni Rokkan Centre. She has a PhD in health services research from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Bergen from 2006 and a Cand. Polit. degree in social anthropology from 1994. She has extensive experience with cross-disciplinary research and has published international papers within primary care health services research together with researchers from the disciplines of economics, medicine, sociology and psychology. She has a special interest in the GP’s role as gatekeeper and cooperation in the health sector.

Kjell Haug, Department of Public Health and Primary Health Care, University of Bergen

Tel: +47 55 58 61 36, email: Kjell.Haug@isf.uib.no

Kjell Haug is a professor in Social Medicine at University of Bergen. He was previously vice dean at Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry and Head of Department of Public Health. His research interest is in perinatal epidemiology working with national cohort studies and medical registries. He is also involved in quality improvement and cost reduction studies in health care and has participated in the establishment of Health Economics Bergen at the University of Bergen.

Torill Helene Tveito, Uni Health, Uni Research

Torill Helene Tveito is a researcher at Uni Health, Bergen; and her research has focused on employee health and sickness, specifically on interventions aiming at helping employees stay at work and preventing sick leave and permanent disability. She has been the project coordinator of a large randomized controlled trial on low back pain patients on long-term sick leave and has been the project leader of a smaller workplace project.

Tor Helge Holmås, Stein Rokkan Centre for Social Studies, Uni Research

Tel: +47 55 58 38 86, email: tor.holmas@uni.no

Tor Helge Holmås is senior researcher at Uni Rokkan Centre. His research interests include empirical health economics, labour economics and industrial organisation. He has a broad experience in data management and applied econometrics, and will take part in database construction and data analysis in the project.

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Members of the Norway Expert Advisory Group consist of the following:

Geir Sverre Braut, Deputy Director General, Norwegian Board of Health Supervision

Anne Sissel Faugstad, deputy CEO Haukeland University Hospital, Bergen

Rune J. Skjælaaen, Health and Social Services Ombudsman of Hordaland

Mette Mikkelsen, Union leader, Unit Hordaland, Norwegian Nurses Organization

Johan Torgersen, Specialist in anaesteshiology and intensive care Chair, Norwegian Junior Doctors' Association Board member, The Norwegian Medical Association

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