14 October 2019 Participants Wanted: Interested In Talking About Social Behaviour? We are looking for participants to take part in small group discussions (focus groups) exploring social behaviours and what may cause differences in these behaviour. This study will take involve participating in discussions within a small group (4-6 people). A member of the research team will be present to facilitate the group discussion. You will be asked questions about your views on social behaviour (including socially appropriate and socially inappropriate behaviours) and about your own experiences of social interactions. You will engage in conversations with the other people in the group to share views and discuss different perspectives. There are no right or wrong answers and the purpose of the discussion is for participants to share their own views and experiences. Each session will be audio recorded to allow us to identify any themes that emerge during the conversations. The focus group will last approximately 1 hour and will take place in the William Guild Building. Participants will receive £10 following participation.

We anticipate that the groups will take place on a Thursday.

If you are interested in volunteering and are aged between 18 - 30 years, please contact the Social Attention and Aging Lab at: socialattentionesrc@abdn.ac.uk for more information.