15 May 2019 Communication In Everyday Social Situations We are recruiting participants to take part in an experiment looking into how people communicate in sensitive social interactions e.g. breaking bad news to a friend. Participants will describe how they have gone about dealing with sensitive situations in the past, and also go through a series of scenarios and short stories which involve acting out ‘awkward’ or sensitive social situations and suggesting how you would respond in these situations.

A camera will be used to video the experiment in order to record responses given throughout the task.

This experiment offers the chance to be part of real-world psychology which has direct applications outside of the lab. The experiment will be conducted in the William Guild Building room G32 and lasts approximately 1 hour.
Anyone who is a native English speaker can feel free to come along and get involved.

if interested, please contact s.smith.18@aberdeen.ac.uk

This study has been approved by the Psychology Ethics Committee, University of Aberdeen (PEC/3540/2016/10)