15 January 2020 Looking For Synaesthetes: Do Numbers Or Letters Cause You To Have A Colour Experience? We are looking for synaesthetes who have a colour experience in response to graphemes (e.g. letters and numbers), to participate in an experiment looking at how the synesthetic experience changes with age. Our experiment will ask you to complete a synaesthesia diagnostic battery. This includes a questionnaire about your experience and a computer based task where you will be presented with graphemes and asked to select a colour that matches your perceptual experience best.

The experiment will take no longer than two hours to complete, including a few short breaks.
Testing will take place in the William Guild building. You will be reimbursed £15 for your travel expenses and time.

If you think you might be a synaesthete and would be interested in taking part, or finding more about the study, please contact the experimenter, Ana Rozman, by emailing a.rozman@abdn.ac.uk.

This study is supervised by Dr Jasna Martinovic (j.martinovic@abdn.ac.uk) and has been approved by the University of Aberdeen Psychology Ethics Committee (PEC/4093/2018/10).