08 October 2019 Participants Wanted: Everyday Stress And Memory Hi Everyone! I am looking for participants for a two-part study investigating the effects of everyday stress on memory. This study is conducted by Yu Ho (Vanessa) Wong under the supervision of Dr Katharina Schnitzspahn.

The first part is laboratory based and will involve a memory task, a cognitive task and several questionnaires while your heart rate variability will be recorded continuously. This session will last around 45 min. The second part will involve a morning survey, an end-of-day survey and multiple momentary assessments on your mobile device for 10 days which will require approximately 12 min each day, 2 hours in total for 10 days. The whole study will take about 3.5 hours of your time.

You will be reimbursed 7 SONA credits or some sweet treats for your time and effort. If you are interested in the experiment or would like to find out more about the study, please feel free to contact Vanessa Wong via email (y.wong@abdn.ac.uk) or sign up on the SONA system.
The experiment has been approved by the Psychology Ethics Committee, University of Aberdeen.

Thank you!