15 March 2019 Police Scotland - Special Constable Recruitment Presentation on Monday 25th March 2019 @ 12pm in New Kings 14

Whatever your background or age, we need your commitment. Obviously you must have a genuine interest in police work, be in good health and be physically fit. There is no upper age limit but you do need to be 17.5 years of age to apply.

You'll also need a good all round education, be of good character and have the ability to keep a clear head, even at the most challenging times. And that's really it – this is a role where who you are is so much more important than where you're from or what your qualifications are. What's really important is to bring commitment, enthusiasm, common sense, confidence, a mature approach and great interpersonal skills.

With a long and impressive history the Special Constabulary is a part-time, volunteer body consisting of officers with similar powers to that of police officers. As a special constable, you'll work alongside our police officers – forging strong partnerships in the community, patrolling our streets, preventing crime and interacting with all kinds of people to help keep your local community safe.
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