06 November 2017 Study: Can Your Brain 'see' Without Awareness? The experiment lasts about 1.5 hours. Your participation will be rewarded with £10.

The study is a behavioural experiment that uses a technique called Continuous Flash Suppression (CFS) to modulate awareness of visually presented objects. Using this setup, we plan to test if consciousness affects how we categorise natural images. We will present pictures of animals and objects and you will be asked to classify an image at the superordinate level (e.g. an animal or not) or basic level (e.g. a bird or not). On some trials perception of the images will be affected by CFS.

Participants need to be able to complete the experiment without wearing glasses, although contact lenses are accepted. People who have difficulty with binocular vision (such as with 3D glasses) might not be able to participate.

To sign up, contact the experimenter, Oana Iosif, by email at r02oai16@abdn.ac.uk.