12 September 2018 The Art Of Building Small - Prof Ben Feringa (sci Free Public Evening Lecture) Date: Wednesday, September 26, 2018
Venue: University of Aberdeen,
Chemistry Meston 1
Chair: Dr Laurent Trembleau

Exploring beyond the current frontiers in the chemical sciences, molecular nanoscience is a fast-evolving field that provides unlimited opportunities to understand the molecular world we experience every day.

Prof Feringa is a Distinguished Professor of Molecular Sciences at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands, and a Nobel Laureate. He shared the 2016 Nobel Prize in Chemistry with Sir Fraser Stoddart and Prof Jean-Pierre Sauvage for the design and synthesis of molecular machines. Prof Feringa’s research specialises in stereochemistry, organic synthesis, molecular switches and motors - among others.

On Wednesday 26 September 2018 at his SCI Public Evening Lecture, Prof Feringa will discuss his journey in the world of molecular switches and motors, and the opportunities in innovation for smart drugs, adaptive catalysts, and responsive materials.

Note: The lecture will be live-streamed at the University of Aberdeen.

Dr Laurent Trembleau

Prof. Marcel Jaspars

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