08 June 2022 Psychology Experiment Participant Wanted We are looking for participants for a study investigating multisensory (audio-visual) perception and its effects on visual awareness.

In this study, participants view a monitor in a binocular rivalry setup and quickly respond to masked targets, which can be either auditory, visual, or a combination of both. After this, participants are asked to report their subjective awareness to visual targets that may or may not have been present.

Participants must:
- have normal or corrected-to-normal visual acuity
- have normal hearing
- not have epilepsy or a history of light-induced seizures
- be 18 years or older

The experiment duration is approximately 90 minutes. Participants will be reimbursed £15 for their time.

Please email s.ahonen.21@abdn.ac.uk if you are interested in participating.

This study has been approved by the School of Psychology Ethics Committee at the University of Aberdeen (PEC/4908/2022/1) and is supervised by Prof Arash Sahraie.