09 March 2020 Participants Wanted: Gaze Behaviour And Judgements Of Agency We are looking for participants to take part in a study looking at gaze behaviour in the selection of a visual target from a set and judgements of agency when viewing a similar task. The study will involve making eye-movements to select a target of choice from a set, and watching the same kind of task on-screen and judging if the response shown is that of another participant or not (alternatively computer-generated). The study will require approximately 60 minutes and you will be reimbursed £7 for your time. The study will take place in T23 of the William Guild building.
Please contact Kamilla Kantee (kamilla.kantee.17@abdn.ac.uk) for more information or to arrange participation.
This research has been approved by the Psychology Ethics Committee (PEC/4441/2020/1 upd/1128) and is supervised by Dr Bert Timmermans. An update to this information has been approved by a new ethics update PEC/4441/2020/1 upd/1137.
Thank you.