05 July 2019 Participants Wanted: Simple Person Memory Task Hi Everyone
Thank you for your attention!
I am looking for participants between 18 and 40 years to take part in a simple person memory task. In this task you will be working in a simple computerised memory task using faces and low- and high-tones and will complete some questionnaires.
The experiment will take approximately 60 minutes and you will be reimbursed £5 for your time and effort. The experiment will take place in room G12 in the William Guild Building
This study has been approved by the School of Psychology ethics committee (No. PEC/4244/2019/6) and is conducted under the supervision of Dr Margaret Jackson.
To take part and/or obtain more information, please contact Livia Valenti: l.valenti.19@aberdeen.ac.uk.
Thank you again for your help.