31 August 2018 Traditional Straw Craftwork Of North-east Scotland Elphinstone Public Lecture Series

Speaker: Elaine Lindsay
Thursday, 27 September, 6:30pm
MacRobert Building Room 051
£3 (free admission for students)

Straw is a beautiful material to craft with and straw work has fascinated Elaine for thirty-five years. Using traditional techniques and mainly old varieties of wheat straw she has made a huge variety of items, ranging from corn dollies to pieces for major fashion houses to items for film and television.
Elaine will demonstrate techniques that she uses in her work and, if you would like, you can have a go too.

Elaine Lindsay has lived in Aberdeenshire, Scotland all her life. She began making corn dollies around 1983; it started as a hobby but soon became a large part of her life. Elaine’s work is very varied, it can be traditional straw work or much more contemporary and she enjoys the mix of the two. She has designed and made accessories for catwalk shows in New York, Paris, and London and has worked with quite a few London fashion houses. She has produced pieces for television and theatre and has collaborated with other artists on work for their exhibitions.

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