06 May 2021 Are You Interested In Participating In Interesting Paid Economics Experiments? As the lockdown restrictions are easing off, we are preparing to restart our paid experiments in the Scottish Experimental Economics Laboratory in the Edward Wright Annexe.

We are therefore inviting you to sign up to be a volunteer for experiments through our database called, ORSEE! Signing up to the ORSEE system does not mean that you have signed up to take part in any experiments – it just means that you will receive an email whenever we are running new sessions and you can sign up to them if you are interested.

If you are currently on or close to campus we would love to see you at our upcoming experiments, but even if you are not we are planning on running experiments during the summer and autumn of 2021. Therefore, you can still sign up to ORSEE now so that you get invited for experiments when you are back next September.

You can register with ORSEE via the link below.
If you have any friends or roommates who might be interested, please do tell them about ORSEE as well. You do not have to be a Business School student to participate.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact either of us (Keith Bender kabender@abdn.ac.uk or Nicole Andelic nicole.andelic@abdn.ac.uk). We hope to see you soon!

Kind regards,
Professor Keith Bender and Dr Nicole Andelic
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