18 July 2019 Interested In Volunteering For A Psychology Experiment? You will be required to move your hand over different surfaces made from Lego blocks and point to the target placed behind the surfaces. Hand movement of your right hand will be measured using a non-invasive motion tracking device requiring to place small markers on your index finger.

You will wear shutter glasses during the experiment to control vision. Additionally, in half of the trials vision in one eye will be occluded by sticking an eye patch on one of your eyes.

The experiment will be split into two sessions each taking around 60min and you will be compensated £10 for your time at the end of the second session.

You must have normal or corrected to normal vision, and be right-handed.

If you would like to participate, or would like more information, please contact the experimenter, Anna Nowakowska (a.nowakowska@abdn.ac.uk).

This research is being conducted under the supervision of Dr Martin Giesel and Dr Constanze Hesse, School of Psychology. The experiment procedures have been approved by the School of Psychology Ethics Committee, University of Aberdeen.