Programme Content

In year one, each student will complete a formal MRes degree in Medical Mycology and Fungal Immunology hosted by the University of Aberdeen. Learn more about the requirements, structure and content of the MRes degree.

At the end of year one there are three options available to students: (1) return to his/her Sponsor institution/home country (if the required MRes standard is not attained), (2) transfer to another UK institution ( in the Consortium) to continue training and PhD studies or (3) remain at the University of Aberdeen to continue their training and PhD studies.

WTSA MMFI Consortium members and other eligible UK HEIs will be invited to submit PhD projects in open competition. Projects will be reviewed and scored by an independent International Scientific Advisory Board (ISAB). The final selection of projects will be made by the WTSA MMFI management board, taking account of the ISAB reviews and scorings.

During the MRes phase, the selected PhD projects will be presented to the students. Students and project applicants/supervisors will have an opportunity to interact and discuss the projects before the final allocation of projects to students.

Each student pursuing a PhD will have a minimum of two PhD supervisors from the UK WTSA MMFI consortium and preferably a third supervisor from the Sponsor institution as well as one or more advisors (identified by the WTSA) for the purpose of career mentorship.

In year four, the student will receive career training for return to his/her Sponsor institution/ home country. The PhD supervisors in collaboration with the Sponsor will identify, where possible, potential employment opportunities in the Sponsor institution/home country and provide mentoring for relevant fellowship applications.